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Thesis asset management client portal

At the same time, few asset management firms are prioritizing the use of plain language in their communications.

Yet plain language has a direct impact on all of the challenges asset management firms encounter. Why does plain language matter?

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In the UK, the average reading age is below that of an 11 year old. In the USA, the average reading age is at 7th or 8th grade level.

Even if people do have higher reading ages, technology has changed the way people read. Skim reading, especially online, is how many people now gather information. Trust matters Language clarity directly affects business efficiency and branding.

In an era when people feel cynical towards information that comes from the top down, assumptions could be made that are damaging. Not least that asset management firms use jargon-laden, obscure language to justify large fees and perpetuate a power dynamic that only they can manage funds.

Or that financial services firms are hiding something. Customer loyalty will increase and marketing ROI will increase thanks to improved clarity. How do you measure plain language? The methodology was simple. We used an automated crawling mechanism to analyze the content on the 69 websites.

The crawler approach is akin to what Google does when indexing a site, and we followed links from the root domain.

The sites we analyzed do not differentiate between retail or corporate. Four factors were used to calculate the index. Putnam Investments, owned by Canadian company Great West Lifeco, performed the best out of th 69 firms we analyzed.

Only one in the 69 firms surveyed had acceptable reading levels for web content. Thanks to an objective standardized set of metrics, plain language is now able to be measured. The good news is that just improving one or two key metrics affects overall readability for the better.

The direct impact is much-needed trust, easier compliance and happy customers.Cover Me Now – Protection Cover as it should be. Synaptic is a major player in the Protection Portal space with an infrastructure that manages the sourcing and delivery of protection quotes from the key providers in the UK Insurance market.

Thesis Asset Management. FCA Asset Management Review: Great news for investors. Richard Withers. Speaking at a conference held by Thesis Asset Management earlier this year, Rory Percival encouraged advisers to rely less on repetitive template reports and to create more 'personalised reports based on the client'.

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The Asset Guardian (TAG) is the only Equipment Maintenance Software to feature perfect integration into Microsoft Dynamics. TAG is a flexible, easy-to-integrate tool to plan, control, and monitor all your scheduled and preventive maintenance activities.

Eagle Asset Management, Inc. is an investment adviser registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission and is engaged in providing discretionary management services to client accounts. The benchmark is the Russell ® Growth Index, which has been derived from published sources and has not been examined by independent .

Private company asset management cover many areas from risk management to exit planning. However our management framework falls into two approaches. Passive - PPMT has a series of general partners which manage LP investments.

Thesis asset management client portal
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