Gender wage gap essays

One significant discrimination problem the world population is battling, takes place in the work place.

Gender wage gap essays

This is because families have come to rely more and more on women pay to meet their needs. More and more mothers are joining the labor force and one third of them are sole breadwinners of their families.

This being the case a gap in the earnings between men and women would put the families supported wholly by women in a poorer state in terms of nutrition, living conditions and reduced opportunities for their children.

Gender wage gap essays

The gender wage gap have decreased but not fully wiped out. This decrease has been attributed to decrease in labor market discrimination against women but this discrimination persists.

Explaining gender gap Since the passage of the Equal Pay Act in laws to protect women against discrimination in the in workplace as regards payment has existed.

This may not be the intention of employers but it the difference in earnings between men and women still exist Goldin, There are explanations for this as provided in three theories. Overt discrimination refers to openly setting some groups aside some for unfair treatment.

Employer deliberately set the women salaries unfairly which is different from their male counterparts in the same job. Researchers in the gender wage gap urge hat dominant groups will use their positions of power to advance their course.

An example of this is the labor unions that historically left out women and minority groups form the well paying unionized jobs.

Again a more common discrimination is sexual harassment of women in especially traditionally male dominated occupations. Human capital theory is based on the assumptions that the economic system is just and competitive for both men and women and the gap in earnings is as a result of individual characteristics the worker display in their jobs.

These characteristics include experience, number of hours worked, age, education and marital status. These affect women in that they influence their worth as employees.

Example women who are on child bearing age and have family responsibilities are disadvantaged when it comes to their earning power.

The wage difference is still there. Dual labor market theory is the third explanation for the differences in earnings between men and women.

This gives the explanation that wage differences arise from the fact that men and women work in different labor segments. Women are said to work in jobs that attract low wages and low benefits. The Council of Economic Advisers, also attributes the long standing differences in average pay between men and women to labor market forces.

These include difference in characteristics that men and women bring to their occupations, different characteristics of the jobs in which women and men work and also the discriminatory behavior towards women by their employers and co-workers.

These factors interrelate in different and intricate ways. This could be explained by situations where women may possess less experience than men and therefore choose jobs that require less experience ids required.

Gender wage gap essays

In another report Goldin,says that naturally men and women differ in their jobs and also in their responsibilities at home for their families and children and also spouses. These differences affect their work at home and also in the job market.

However, skills for both men and women have become more similar and also the occupations and industries in which they work. This could only be attributed to discrimination against women in the labor market. This was a rapid increase which was also shown in the period between and where the ratio of women earnings relative to that of men increased from Claims have been made that the gender pay gap is closing but it is difficult to determine that as scientists say if one looks at the chunks of years separately.

Gender discrimination in the labor force Gender discrimination in the work place takes many forms. Gender discrimination in the work force may be explained by many theories.

There are cases where an employer does not like female employers in his establishment or underestimate their capabilities not because they have been tried and tested but arise from their own prejudices.

In other cases customers do not want to be served by female employees or they underrate their abilities again due to prejudices. Male employees may refuse to work with women as their coworkers. This is not aimed at towards all female employees but women in positions of power in an establishment.

There is also another thing social scientists call statistical discrimination.Firstly, this essay will discuss the relationship between bargaining power and the current issue of the gender wage gap within Australia. This essay will explore the reasons as to why women struggle to bargain with their employers on the issue of wages and fair working conditions.

Unequal Pay for Equal Work (Essay) Bowels and Babcock wanted women to have some guidance in getting around the gender wage gap by negotiating salaries. It took women’s natural tendencies: nurturing, concern, cooperation, etc. and used them to the advantage of the negotiator.

GENDER WAGE GAP INTRODUCTION Nowadays there are a lot of women graduates from universities, master programs and colleges. Also some studies showed that women are doing better in school then men (Buchmann, ).

Gender Wage Gap: Economic Effects Erin Fisher-Leser Western Governors University Gender Wage Gap: Economic Effects Admittedly, the government is struggling to meet the needs of many Americans.

Housing, medical assistance and nourishment, are among the highest sources of . - Introduction Gender Pay Gap also referred to as Gender wage gap, gender income difference or male-female income difference refers to the difference between the .

The Gender Wage Gap in America The gender wage gap has been around since women began having jobs and careers. Though in the beginning the gender wage gap was purely do to discrimination by social stereotypes, now it has become more complicated than that.

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