Finlands success essay

Finland has vastly improved in reading, math and science literacy over the past decade in large part because its teachers are trusted to do whatever it takes to turn young lives around. This year-old, Besart Kabashi, received something akin to royal tutoring. Besart had opened his own car repair firm and a cleaning company.

Finlands success essay

Stop testing so much.

Is Finland’s success everlasting? To compete and be a part of a global marketplace, a country must be able to adapt to the ever changing landscape of that marketplace. A country that focuses on the path to success and evaluates consistently on what will help them achieve their place as a. What Americans Keep Ignoring About Finland's School Success The Scandinavian country is an education superpower because it values equality more than . When Sophia Faridi visited several schools in Finland, students and teachers seemed happier than students and teachers in the U.S.

Shorten the school day. Sahlberg spoke Tuesday at a conference at the University of Washington. He will also give a free talk Wednesday at 7 p.

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Sahlberg has given similar talks all over the U. To achieve that goal, Finland relied on cooperation among teachers and schools, rather than on competition.

Finlands success essay

Rather than judging teachers and schools based on test scores, he said, Finland puts trust in its teachers and principals. Teachers develop the curriculum in Finland, and design their own tests. There are no national tests, except one at the end of high school.

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Many primary schools have a policy against giving homework. Teaching is a highly respected profession in Finland, on a par with medicine and law. The University of Helsinki, Sahlberg said, received 2, applications this year from students who want to become primary teachers, and accepted just of them.

Sahlberg spoke almost harshly about charter schools, which Washington voters have just approved, saying they privatize the public-school system. All the schools, he said, offer the same high-quality program.

Not that everyone should simply copy Finland, he said. And those countries, he said, can learn from Finland, too. Linda Shaw is the Seattle Times education editor.Writing Anu Partanen. In addition to her new book The Nordic Theory of Everything, published by HarperColllins, Anu has written for The New York Times, The Atlantic, Fortune Magazine, and other publications.

As a newspaper journalist and magazine writer Anu has covered education, politics, technology, culture, and the arts.

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EDUCATIONAL PSYCHOLOGY INTERACTIVE Readings in Educational Psychology. Developed by: W. Huitt Last updated: November Finland’s educational success story: Less testing, more trusting Originally published November 13, at pm Updated November 14, at am.

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