Dbm 502 week 3

The following Learning Team project is due in Week Six with review points given throughout the course.

Dbm 502 week 3

He was a brilliant inventor. When he went to the U. He did this by top loading the antenna and using a small coil to tune the antenna. AFTER this he did not show photographs of the complete system. He had discovered high-Q resonance but did not understand it.

Note that most "high school Tesla Coils" do not have enough capactive loading to get the Q up and are therefore just high voltage transformers operating at a Q near 1. A coil operating at self resonance has a Q of 1. To get high Q values the loading capacitance must be much larger than the self capacitance of the coil.

Today there is much pseudo science associated with Tesla's name, but what Tesla did is amazing. The one I remembered had to do with minimizing the cost of the copper and iron used in generators and motors.

Dbm 502 week 3

As the frequency goes higher less magnetic material is needed in a motor, generator or transformer. Note that aircraft A. This allows the dynomotors and transformers to use less iron and be lighter in weight. But as the frequency gets higher skin depth limits the effective current carrying capacity of a copper wire.

Tesla used Litz wire in his coils at Colorado springs to get around this problem with operating frequencies in the hundreds of kc range. One said the frequency needed to be high enough to avoid flicker in electric lights. Note that movies run at 18 and 24 frames per second and don't flicker.

A TV set uses 60 interlaced fields per second instead of a simple 30 frames per second to avoid flicker. So this seems like a consideration. One said that large generators of the time could only turn in the hundreds of revolutions per second so there was some limit, but I think the frequency can be higher than the RPM of the generator.

But as the frequency gets higher there are phase delays associated with the inductance of the distribution grid.

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This may relate to two points on the grid being connected together even though they are different distances from the generator. It occurs to me that in applications where there are large amounts of power being transferred, like in electric trains, that the frequency is moved down to around 16 Hz.

This allows copper wires to carry larger currents.LP / LP Digital Station Monitor Digital Power /SWR Meter, Waveform Monitor Scope and Modulation Spectrum Display all in one. Above picture shows the relative sizes of the LP and LP in comparison with other familiar pieces of equipment at N8LP.

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Dbm 502 week 3

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