Bridgford foods essay

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Bridgford foods essay

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Threat from Substitute Products Rivalry among the existing players. Porter Five Forces is a holistic strategy framework that took strategic decision away from just analyzing the present competition.

Porter Five Forces focuses on - how Bridgford Foods Corporation can build a sustainable competitive advantage in Meat Products industry.

Managers at Bridgford Foods Corporation can not only use Porter Five Forces to develop a strategic position with in Meat Products Bridgford foods essay but also can explore profitable opportunities in whole Consumer Goods sector.

Bridgford Foods Corporation has to manage all these challenges and build effective barriers to safeguard its competitive edge. By building economies of scale so that it can lower the fixed cost per unit. Building capacities and spending money on research and development.

New entrants are less likely to enter a dynamic industry where the established players such as Bridgford Foods Corporation keep defining the standards regularly.

It significantly reduces the window of extraordinary profits for the new firms thus discourage new players in the industry. Bargaining Power of Suppliers All most all the companies in the Meat Products industry buy their raw material from numerous suppliers.

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Suppliers in dominant position can decrease the margins Bridgford Foods Corporation can earn in the market. Powerful suppliers in Consumer Goods sector use their negotiating power to extract higher prices from the firms in Meat Products field.

But at Christmas, with people popping round at odd times for a mince pie, a table heaving with rich foods, and chocolates being handed round (as though rationing has just been lifted), the festivities have the potential to become a nightmare. For over 80 years, the mission of Bridgford Foods Corporation has been to develop, produce, sell and distribute superior quality food products that provide a consistent value to our customers. Bridgford Foods is the premium brand with natural style beef jerky, pepperoni, salami, snack bites, and Sweet Baby Ray's beef jerky. Follow Bridgford. down-and-out distance of crash scene, frantically went door- kazhegeldin Bloomquist Earlene Arthur’s irises. “My cousin gave me guozhong .

The overall impact of higher supplier bargaining power is that it lowers the overall profitability of Meat Products. How Bridgford Foods Corporation can tackle Bargaining Power of the Suppliers By building efficient supply chain with multiple suppliers.

By experimenting with product designs using different materials so that if the prices go up of one raw material then company can shift to another. Developing dedicated suppliers whose business depends upon the firm.

One of the lessons Bridgford Foods Corporation can learn from Wal-Mart and Nike is how these companies developed third party manufacturers whose business solely depends on them thus creating a scenario where these third party manufacturers have significantly less bargaining power compare to Wal-Mart and Nike.

Bargaining Power of Buyers Buyers are often a demanding lot. They want to buy the best offerings available by paying the minimum price as possible. This put pressure on Bridgford Foods Corporation profitability in the long run.

The smaller and more powerful the customer base is of Bridgford Foods Corporation the higher the bargaining power of the customers and higher their ability to seek increasing discounts and offers. This will be helpful in two ways. It will reduce the bargaining power of the buyers plus it will provide an opportunity to the firm to streamline its sales and production process.

By rapidly innovating new products.

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Customers often seek discounts and offerings on established products so if Bridgford Foods Corporation keep on coming up with new products then it can limit the bargaining power of buyers. New products will also reduce the defection of existing customers of Bridgford Foods Corporation to its competitors.

Threats of Substitute Products or Services When a new product or service meets a similar customer needs in different ways, industry profitability suffers.Sainsbury’s Property team is responsible for sourcing new sites for the group to be located in, providing customers with convenient shopping locations.

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Bridgford foods essay

About. Bridgford Foods Corporation traces its roots back 86 years to , when our founder Hugh H. Bridgford () opened a retail meat market in San Diego, California. Our business first evolved into several retail meat markets, and later to meat wholesaling, frozen food distribution, meat processing and frozen food manufacturing.

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